Queensland nut industry

Queensland Nut Industry

Queensland’s tropical and subtropical climate makes it ideally suited to the growing of macadamia, pecan, peanuts and cashew nuts.

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries has responsibility for the nut industry within Queensland. The Department is a world leader in tropical and subtropical horticulture research and development.

Maroochy Research Station
Maroochy Research Station is the major subtropical fruit and nut research and extension centre in the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries Queensland. See
Overview of Research Activities at Maroochy Research Station for information on this research facility.

Queensland growers produce more than 95 per cent of Australia’s peanuts. For information on peanuts see the Peanut Pages.
Peanut Company of Australia

Formally the Peanut Marketing Board, the Peanut Company of Australia, is Australia’s foremost authority in relation to the peanut industry in Australia. See PCA for more information.

Macadamia Nuts
Macadamia plantations in Queensland are located primarily east of the Great Dividing Range from the New South Wales border up to Mackay. There are some plantings further north. For information on macadamias see the Macadamia Pages.

Pecan Nuts
In Queensland pecans are grown in Munduberra, Gympie, Bundaberg, the Atherton Tablelends and Beaudesert (Source ANIC). For information on pecans see the Pecan Pages.

Photo: Macadamia tree

Macadamias (Courtesy of Richard Llewellyn, Bio Resources

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