Nut Publications

Nut Publications

This page lists a number of publications relating to the nut industry in general. Additional publications relating to specific issues, or nut types, are listed on relevant pages on this site. These include publications relating to:


Nut Grower’s Guide – The Complete Guide for Producers & Hobbyists (2005) (Jennifer Wilkinson. Australian Nut Industry Council)
Detailed information is provided on site selection, from soil and climate to aspect and topography, through to previous land use and local pest species. Soil preparation, irrigation, planting and propagating trees are also covered. The book also deals with the cultivation and processing of each of the major nut species, and provides guidance on packaging and the wholesale and retail marketing of nuts in Australia and overseas.

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Plant Nutrient Disorders 2 – Tropical Fruit and Nut Crops (1995) (RG Weir and GC Cresswell)
Chapters cover plant nutrient needs of tropical fruit and nut crops, identification of nutritional problems, plant analysis, and ways of correcting common deficiencies and toxicities. The books in this series are of particular value to horticulturists, farmers, students, advisers, market gardeners and home gardeners.

Discovering Fruit and Nuts (2006) (Susanna Lyle)
This book is a comprehensive guide to temperate and subtropical fruit and nut plants that explores old favourites as well as many little known yet exciting food-producing plants. An inspiration to people to grow and try new foods, the A to Z guide presents over 300 species, with information on cultivation and propagation, harvesting times and yields, storing and using the produce.

Discovering Fruit and Nuts (2006) (CSIRO Publishing)

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Macadamia Grower’s Handbook (2004) (Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries)
This book provides information on all aspects of growing and marketing macadamia in Australia. It includes a checklist of things you need to know before you start growing the crop, the 20 or so most commonly asked questions about growing the crop and a guide for establishing, producing and marketing the crop. Also included isdetailed information on the key decisions affecting the crop,a list of industry organisations, product suppliers, and further reading and a list of chemicals currently registered in Australia and their registered uses.

Macadamia Problem Solver and Bug Identifier – Field Guide (2003) (Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries)
This book is a companion publication to the ‘Macadamia grower’s handbook  and contains over 320 photographs of the common pests (and beneficials), diseases, nutrional, climatic and other problems of macadamia and details their causes, identification, treatment and prevention.

VI International Walnut Symposium (2010) (conveners B Goble, L. Titmus)
Includes 71 articles and papers from the 6th International Walnut Symposium held at Melbourne 25 – 27 February 2009. Detail and sale of book are available in print and CD-rom format from the
International Society for Horticultural Science website

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