Australian Nut Nurseries

Australian Nut Nurseries

A recognised nut specialist nursery should be able to advise on preferred species for your needs as well as planting and growing instructions for your area.

For the home garden, prior to purchasing, it’s a good idea to know what are the growing requirements of your preferred tree. Consideration should be given to soil type, water, climate as well as pollination needs, the space the grown tree will occupy, and the time it will take before it bears fruit.

This Agnote was published by the NSW Department Of Primary Industries to assist in selecting macadamia trees, but the advice is useful for other trees as well. Buying quality macadamia trees.

If you plan to purchase a number of trees as a hobby farmer, or on a more significant scale, it is recommended that you seek membership to the respective nut industry peak body. These associations have ample information resources at their disposal.

Almonds New South Wales
Cashews Northern Territory
Chestnuts Queensland
Hazelnuts South Australia
Macadamias Tasmania
Pecans Victoria
Pistachios Western Australia