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Northern Territory

The climate of the Northern Territory is suitable for the growing of peanuts, cashews and other varieties of nuts that thrive in hot and tropical conditions. Peanuts are the primary nut crop of the Northern Territory.

Boab nuts grow in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and the Victoria River area of the Northern Territory. Aboriginal people used boab nuts for food and medicinal purposes as well as for painting and carving.

Northern Territory Nut Industry
Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources (DRDPIFR)
Primary Industries Group of DRDPIFR, is the body responsible for agriculture within the Northern Territory.

Douglas Daly Research Farm
The primary research centre, relating to peanuts, operated by the Primary Industries Group, is the
Douglas Daly Research Farm. The Peanut Production Program wll research and publish the “Best Bet Management Production System” for peanut production in the Northern Territory and identify superior peanut varieties for Northern Territory conditions.

Peanut Company of Australia (PCA)
Formally the Peanut Marketing Board, the PCA, is Australia’s foremost authority in relation to the peanut industry in Australia. PCA operates two large properties at Katherine. The first N.T. peanut crop was harvested in 2003 and by 2012 PCA expects to be producing 13,500 tonnes of peanuts. Visit the PCA’s website (NT) for further information.

For more information on the Northern Territory peanut industry see Peanuts – Northern Territory

Photo: Pandanus fruit

Pandanus (Images courtesy of Garry Enright)

Northern Territory Nut Growers

Northern Territory Nut Sales