Nut Industry Consultants

Nut Industry Consultants

This page identifies organisations offering consultancy services to businesses engaged in the nut industry. Consultancies cover operations such as orchard planning, tree selection, equipment purchase, watering and fertilization, pests and diseases, harvesting and crop harvesting and handling, sustainable agricultural methods as well as a range of other matters.

Knoxfield Crop Health Services (Vic)
DPI Knoxfield is responsible for scientific and technological development for the food and agriculture industries in the Victorian government Department of Primary Industries. Knoxfield assists the nut industry through its Crop Health Services arm. Crop Health Services provides a diagnostic service for pests and diseases in crops.  This is fee for service and can be contacted by ringing Knoxfield 92109222.

Department of Agriculture and Food (WA)
DAF provides a free Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS)

Agrimac Macadamias
Agrimac Macadamias – Consultancy Service to Macadamia Growers.

BioResources – Trichogramma Wasp Specialists

Organic Industry Certification
Australian Certified Organic