About Austnuts

About Austnuts The Austnuts website is a directory designed to assist in the promotion of the nut industry both in Australia, and worldwide, through:

  • the provision of an overview of the Australian nut industry
  • enabling quick and easy access to nut related information and identifying quality external sources of information.
  • assisting in raising a community awareness of the value of nuts in the diet and the status of the nut industry
  • assisting people engaged in, and supporting, the nut industry through raising internet profiles and providing the opportunity to showcase their services on this site

Austnuts is an independent website and is not aligned with any specific nut industry, nor commercial, nor not- for- profit organisation.

Site Content
There is no intention on the part of Austnuts to duplicate or reinvent information that is already accessable over the internet. Austnuts attempts to identify key up to date information and to provide new and additional information which is not elsewhere available.

Your Business on Austnuts
We are keen to incorporate information on this site in relation to specific businesses associated with the growing, processing and sale of nuts and nut products, as well as those business which provide services to the industry such as equipment and product sales, consultancies, pollination, export services etc. For more detail please see the Austnuts directory page.

The site will constantly be refreshed, updated and expanded with new material. Existing material, links, etc. will be checked periodically to ensure the site stays up to date and relevant.

We aim to address a range of nut species, including those imported and other native species. We also adopt a very loose interpretation of the term “nut”. Basically, if it’s generally called a nut, that’s good enough for this site.

We hope this site will be successful and that growers, processors, wholesalers and retailers, and the range of other businesses with connections to the industry, will see this site as a useful tool and helpful information source.